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Learn the secrets of mentalism with Master Mentalism and become a master of mind reading!Discover how to read minds and become the life of any party! With our courses, you will be able to impress everyone with your newfound knowledge and skills.

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  • Reveal the ATM or Phone Pin of Anyone

  • Find Out Whether your Crush Loves you or Not

  • Reveal the Star Sign Anyone is thinking

  • Stun Everyone with your Photographic Memory

  • Much More

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Anurag Sharma, is, a professional mentalist, and a hypnotist.. His shows cater to all kinds of audiences from children to elderly people. His corporate shows are runaway success with both the clients and employees. He makes it a memorable occasion for the company and his show provides a stress buster for the employees. He adopts techniques that have a combination of mentalism and humor. He is also a trained hypnotist who knows to control the minds of other people, influence their thoughts and extract information from them by analyzing their psychological and behavioral patterns.

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